Ask Design Mom Question:

Hi Gabrielle. My daughter will be the flowergirl in my sister’s wedding on 10/10/10 here in Southern California. (She is 5 years old.) We are looking for unique flowergirl dresses for the outdoor event. Any clothing company recommendations? We are thinking non-white for the little ones in the wedding. Thanks. Stephanie

Design Mom Answer:
Thanks for the question, Stephanie! What a memorable date for a wedding. Love it. My first thought is to send you to Crewcuts. It’s a super-dependable source for wedding-appropriate kid stuff. Check their everyday dresses and their wedding/party dresses.

But there are also a million other great sources. Depending on how formal the wedding will be, you might like the offerings at Dagmar Daley, Ses Petites Mains or this Hanji dress from Tea Collection.

What about you, Dear Readers? Where do you shop for wedding clothes for little kids?