Ask Design Mom Question:
So, here is my dilemma. Because of when my baby is due — and the latest date my doctor will let me go before inducing — the little guy’s first Christmas will be when he is at most a few weeks old and at least, 3 days old. So what to do? What kind of gifts do you get for a brand new baby? I, of course, want it to be special since it will be his first Christmas but it seems silly to buy a bunch of stuff that he will be too young to use or even know exists. Any feedback you or the readers could give would be great! Thanks. — Jennifer

Design Mom Answer:
Early Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your baby, Jennifer! How exciting. I think many mothers with babies born in December stress about the closeness of the birthday and the holidays. I don’t blame them — it’s a lot to think about in one month.

But for this first Christmas, you’re super lucky. I agree that it’s “silly to buy a bunch of stuff that he will be too young to use or even know exists.” Instead think “heirloom” and look for something more commemorative that he’ll appreciate when he’s older. For example, when the new millenium was coming, I had two babies and wanted to give them both something to mark the event. For Ralph, I had a sterling silver yo-yo engraved with an R. For Maude, I had a sterling silver star-shaped pendant engraved with her name and “2000.” My thinking was that they’ll be able to tell their grandkids they were alive (just barely) when the new millenium arrived — and pull out their souvenirs to make the story more interesting. : )

Julian & Co. just introduced a product that might be perfect for this. It’s a 6-sided pendant that can be engraved on each side — and further used as a wax seal imprinter. Very cool. You can read more about it here.

What about you Dear Readers? What would you do to celebrate a newborn’s first Christmas?