Ask Design Mom Question:

I’ve made felt stockings for Christmas and want to embroider our names on the top. Any suggestions for how to do this without an embroidery machine?? I want a chic style (I think I have the ability to do a satin stitch on my machine though…)
Thank you so much. — Carissa R

Design Mom Answer:
Sounds like fun! I haven’t personally done much embroidery since my tween years in the 4-H, but I’ve noticed a couple of inspiring embroidery images on my sister Jordan’s blog. I’m not sure that they are the styles you have in mind, but both the ribbon embroidery and the negative space embroidery seem super chic to me.

What do you suggest, Dear Readers? Any embroidery experts out there that can offer advice, ideas or source links?

Fruit & veggie image here. Hello image here.