I’m looking for the perfect wall calendar that has beautiful pictures and squares for writing in each day. Have you found anything unique out there? Thanks! — Caroline

Design Mom Answer:
Great question, Caroline. Embarrassingly, I am super late to the calendar shopping game this year. I mean, goodness gracious, it’s February! Please excuse me. And now to your question. Since you’re looking for squares to write in, here are four beautiful options:

-This pretty patterned one by Letter C Design.
-A colorful, illustrated calendar by Jess Gonacha.
-Monthly illustrations featuring urban landscapes by Jen Oaks.
-Gorgeous, spare, collages from Gretchen Mist (on sale!).

These don’t have squares to write in, but I thought they were interesting and have been meaning to share them:

-I ADORE the illustrations on this one by Stephanie Fizer. Only 3 left!
-A print-your-own version to track birthdays.
-Are you a maker, a sewer, a crafter? You’ll love the pretty photos on the Purl Soho Calendar.

-A print-your-own version that would be
perfect in a smaller space.
-That’s fun. A calendar printed on fabric at Spoonflower.
-Use Shutter Sister’s template to add your own photos and display in a CD Case.
-This animal-themed calendar for kids is adorable. You can customize it. And then frame it as a series.

-Looking for a bold statement on the wall? This is your calendar. By SusyJack.
-Oh! I love this very modern letterpress design from See Saw. And it’s a bargain at $15.

How about you, Dear Readers? What is your calendar this year?