It’s Monday. And you may remember that on Mondays, I’ve pledged to post Ask-Design-Mom Questions. The first question is actually my own. I’m putting it out there to you. Because you are clearly brilliant and resourceful.
Here’s the question. With a little explanation first.

I need 8 adjustable stools. I have a budget of $50/stool (or $400 total). I found the perfect stools at Crate & Barrel. I love the look. I love the function. But they are too far out of reach price wise — $200 each.

The stools look to me like specimen pieces. Like reproductions of older models. Like they might exist somewhere at a flea market. If you have seen any stools like this for sale, please let me know. They could be old and battered, covered in chipping paint, mismatched. As long as they’re still functional, and in my price range, I’d take them.

Any secret sources?