When kids are ready to graduate from board books, these ones are great artistic picture books.

Bruno Munari was an incredible italian designer. I’ve had my eyes on his kid’s work for a while. I was excited when they reprinted these in the states! Yeah for us.
For those of you unaware, Paul Rand was one of the greatest graphic design masters of our time. It is great to see that him and his wife had some play time together, creating these youthful books. These two above are the easiest to find, because they just reproduced them. I hope that they will reproduce their other great books as well.

P is for Peanut by Lisa Gelber and Jody Roberts uses famous black and white photos from the Getty collection. It is a marvelous and awe inspiring alpha-photographic book.

The Little Windy series of books by graphic designers Robin Mitchell & Judith Steedman, makes me smile whenever I see them. The quirky little handmade models and 3-D backgrounds are charming, delightful and uber modern.

I adore this book by Sara O’Leary. The storyline is quite nice and it has exceptional illustrations. It won an award for one of the top designed covers in 2005, maybe because it has a cloth spine and feels more like a handmade book — pure genius.