Minted Art Collection 1

This post is brought to you by Minted

On yesterday’s post, the oversized art print got people asking questions (I’m still hunting down a source for that print, by the way). And it reminded me how intimidating it can be to purchase and frame art for your home. So I think you’ll be very happy to know about Minted’s Art Print Collection.

There’s something for every room in your house! Keep your kitchen in perpetual summer with popsicles. Add a map or constellation to the nursery. Or the neatest moon in the whole world. Put something abstract in the living room. Or something with a pattern over your bed.

Minted Art Collection 2

The Art Print Collection is a fairly new thing at Minted, and here are 5 reasons why I really like it:

A) It’s a truly dependable source for beautiful art. And you don’t have to wade through a thousand pages of not-very-good-stuff to find the best pieces! Every piece is good. In fact, as I was picking out favorites to share in this post, I found it so hard to narrow it down! The collection is excellent. So if you feel unsure about art, Minted is a wonderful place to shop. Take a look at their offerings and find something that speaks to you, then buy it with confidence, because you can trust that it’s in fact really good.

B) The art prints are Limited Edition. Why does this matter? I suppose to some people it won’t. But I like that because it means there won’t be millions of people out there with the exact same thing on the wall.

C) They offer small and large sizes, and everything in between. I’m typically drawn to oversize pieces — like 2 or 3 feet across in a frame — so the large sizes offered by Minted are just my thing. If you’re craving a big statement piece for your home, I would recommend this, printed as large as possible.

D) Adding a frame doesn’t add much to the cost! This is huge. Having artwork framed is a hassle and an expensive one. I speak from experience, because my dad had a frame shop in our basement. : ) As you look at prices, you’ll see you can choose framed or unframed, and you’ll notice the cost doesn’t quadruple if you pick framed. Their prices are very reasonable for framed art — and they offer several styles to choose from as well.

E) I don’t know if you know this about Minted, but they’ve always sourced their designs (for cards, stationery, and everything else they carry) from independent designers and illustrators and artists. They’ve been a huge supporter of creators big and small for many years now, and extending their offerings to art prints makes brilliant sense. Plus, it’s another wonderful way to enjoy the gorgeous creations their community of artists creates.

Minted Art Collection 3

Now, let’s do something fun. I want to see Minted Art hanging in your house! If you have a Minted print in your home — in your nursery, in your family room, in your bathroom, in your entryway — snap of photo of it and send it to me. Or, take advantage of the 15% off sale, and choose something new. Then, once you’ve got it hanging, send me a picture!

I’d really, really like to see how you incorporate art in your home! I’ll gather the photos, then share some of them here on Design Mom. We’ll do a follow-up post on May 1st, featuring your photos, and a big Minted giveaway too. I think seeing how families incorporate art is inspiring — I’m hoping the post with your photos will be a helpful resource. I can’t wait to see what you send!

Minted Art Collection 4

P.S. — The artwork featured:

Animal World Map by Jessie Steury. Celestial Moon by Katherine Morgan. Pops I by September Wren. Tools by pottsdesign. Constellation by Annie Clark.

Block Printed Arches by Katharine Watson. Bejeweled by Four Wet Feet Design. Chicken Run by Betty Hatchett.

Brownie by Amy Wagner. Natura by trbdesign. Rings by 2birdstone.

What You Want by Kristi Kohut. The Rapids by Rose Lindo.