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Sári, a reader in Budapest send me this video, and wrote: You should come to Budapest, Hungary! Its like a mini Paris, believe me. And we have painters and bars like this:

I love that video! I seem to love pretty much anything that highlights the creative process (that’s why I’m such a Project Runway fan).

Matisse’s giant cutouts have been a huge draw for me ever since I saw them in Washington D.C. as a college student. If you haven’t seen them in person, picture them 15 or 20 feet high! A huge part of what attracts me to the cut outs is thinking of Matisse with paper and scissors, cutting, trimming and re-cutting shapes until they are just right.

Most people don’t have a ton of brush-and-canvas painting experience (myself included), but I feel like anyone who has ever been a first grader knows what it means to sit still with paper and scissors and cut out shapes. So I see these pieces and hope they resonate with a lot of people. Personally, they make me want to grab my scissors and start making!

(Fun fact, the first print we framed and hung in our home as newlyweds is Femme a L’Amphore. When we’re not living in France, it still hangs in our home and I still adore it.)

Have you seen anything lately that made you want to create? I’d love to hear about it!

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