Last summer at the NY Gift Show I found and posted about the fantastic toys made in Kenya by the Kenana Knitters Group. Happily, we are now the proud owners of a set of Kenana animal puppets. They are so delightful! We have 7 — enough so that everyone in the family can participate — and they absolutely do invite participation.

Well designed. Soft colors. Good proportions. Great texture and materials. Each toy is made with home spun wool, dyed with natural plant dye, and knitted by a huge group of women in Kenya. Each piece is signed by the woman who knitted it.

But the best part is the concept behind the company. From their website: The Kenana Knitters group enables its workers to directly benefit from their efforts and create a self-sufficient community. With your purchases, we have been able to increase employment drastically in both Kenya and the United States, provide full physicals and ongoing medical treatment for each knitter and their families. We have even begun construction on a school located within the farm boundaries.

What a treat to own something so lovingly and respectfully made. I can’t imagine a child who wouldn’t love these. And I think I have a crush on Gloria, the good woman who is behind the whole project.