By Raleigh-Elizabeth.

Some people have Marilyn. Others have the KarsashiansKeira, or Kate. I have Angela.

You may remember her as the ingenious mystery writer and all-around braniac in Murder She Wrote, or maybe as the charmingly out-of-sorts witch in Bedknobs and Broomsticks. I simply know her as this: my ultimate style icon.

Angela’s been making fashion history since the beginning. She mastered intricate up-do’s well before we had Pinterest, makes layering look glamorous, and she’s never been afraid to have fun. She looks great at every age, and I really like that. It’s not scary to turn another year older when you know a new year just means new fashion. And don’t you bet she had Elvis swooning? Right now, she’s rocking the cover of Gentlewoman Magazine.

I’ll never have the body of the Hollywood set or fashion’s elite (or their diets and plastic surgery), but neither does she. She’s a real woman with real style, and for me, that’s the backbone of the ultimate icon. Rookie magazine, which is run by the fashion world’s own prodigal writer, Tavi Gevinson, put it pretty simply: “Angela Lansbury is the greatest.” I couldn’t agree more.

Who is your old-school style icon?