Video and text by Gabrielle.

Hello, Friends! How are you? Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Are your kids out of school? Are you doing anything good or fun to commemorate the day?

Hey. I know I never published my Friday links post. I fully intended to! But this has been an unusually busy January. I mean, January is Alt Summit, so it’s always quite full schedule-wise. But this month, there is Alt plus a whole bunch more. For example, on Friday, I was touring around D.C. with Maude for #action15, my book went to the printer (HOLY COW!!), all the Alt Summit printed materials went to the printer as well, and we flew back to Oakland that evening. It was a little nuts. But good nuts!

This week will likely be a little nuts too. Ben Blair and Ralph returned from Haiti on Saturday night. We enjoyed the loveliest of Sunday mornings altogether as a family, and then I flew to Salt Lake City Sunday afternoon.

Yep. I’m writing this from Salt Lake City! I arrived last night, and I’ll be here all week for Alt Summit. And this year, my oldest three — Ralph, Maude & Olive — will be coming to the conference too! They’ll join me on Wednesday afternoon. When I unpacked last night, it hit me that maybe this month has been a little too busy, when I realized I forgot to pack my coat, my hat, and my glasses. Hah!

Despite the full schedule, I’ve got some really good posts ready to go this week. In one of my first posts of the year, I mentioned I wanted to do more with video, and this is my first attempt! Years ago I was speaking at the Mom 2.0 Summit and I talked about an idea I had to make videos of shopping at Target. I would share my shopping list, then walk through the aisles and talk about why I chose one product over another — sort of shopping through a graphic designer’s eyes. But I never made the videos happen.

Design Mom Target Accordian Folder

Then, my daughter Olive introduced me to “haul” videos. It’s the same idea, but filmed at home instead of in store. Essentially, vloggers will go shopping at whatever store (or multiple stores) they like, and then share their finds on video. Pretty straightforward. So I thought I’d try one. Olive coached me, and Ralph filmed+edited. Take a look and let me know what you think!

I realize some of you are not into video, so feel free to skip it. But if you do watch it, and want to see more, I’d love feedback! Are there stores you’d like to me to shop? Should I stick to a regular series of Target hauls? Or maybe go with a theme (like natural beauty products, or pre-conference wardrobe shopping). How often would you like to see something like this?

P.S. — Though I work with Target regularly, this is not a sponsored post. It’s just me as a regular Target shopper. I promise, I will always make it clear when I’m sharing a sponsored post.