Amy, Finn, and Joe on babymoon in Miami.

Congrats Dearest Gabby and Family
Pregnancy is such a wonderful time in a woman’s life!
You are growing a human! YOU ROCK!
Life is amazing and mind blowing!
I LOVE that you are bringing another cool and kind person into the world!

Some things I remember about being prego:
*I never stayed hydrated! Drink Gabs Drink!
You have such a full life and I am sure you attend to everyone else first — but just try and remember to drink tons of water. It makes for a happy mama body and mind. Keep a pretty carafe with a small water glass by your bed and work space.

* Yoga pants are your BFF!
(Old Navy size up last a long time.) Rock out as much non maternity as you can. Buy pieces you can wear after the baby too. I like a caftan! I love a tunic. Liz Lange tight black long sleeve tees! Dresses really are so simple when pregnant. You always look chic though gal. I can’t wait to watch you guide us through your mama wardrobe!

* Shoes. I like a wedge when I’m knocked up!
I give up the heel. I bring out the the trusty guns. My feet are also size 11 now. Eeeks! Like Paris Hilton! They were 10’s two boys ago.

*The wish for Freedom.
We are free to do what we want! The issue with motherhood I have found is sometimes other mothers can be a bit critical of each other. I wish we all would just support each other more. We make the best choices for our families and babies and issues from breastfeeding to labor to attachment parenting to sleep techniques and we should never be questioned.
We need to rally around each other as women! Go LADY POWER!

*Rest is paramount.
With a large family, you should carve out time on your calendar now to have some help that is designated for you NOT working and JUST Sleeping!
Schedule sleep! Take care of you! But have fun too! Everyone should take a wee weekend away before the baby comes no matter how many kiddos you have. Ask for help when you need it. Really. Ask for help when you need it.

*Document it all.
How many of us loved this blog this year? OH MY! I was guilty of not allowing anyone to photograph me while pregnant with my boys. I wish I had not been so silly in retrospect. Take photos of your beautiful body! You should use your awesome house DIY projects as props! Belly shots on a rocker or by your new family table?

*Don’t be stressed if you can’t journal or write down things because your so busy!
Everyone does things differently! My second son does not even have a proper baby book!
We instead make mix tapes of music that mattered to the boys, write letters to the future when we can, use flickr and blog the family now. I make up new traditions each year! Just go with the flow. Find what works for you!

Life is so amazing. Oh yeah — BABY NAMES!!! How fun is this? I must go before I get the FEVER myself!

From Amy Turn Sharp of Doobleh-vay.