Image by Justin Hackworth. See more images from the event here.

It’s been fun to go over Alt Summit NYC in my mind the last few days. It felt exactly as I expected (and hoped!) — a gathering a creative, hard-working people, ready to learn and share. But as an organizer, it also felt like a brand new conference, with some of the last minute glitches that a first time event inevitably faces. It kept me on my toes! And my dear friend, Laurie Smithwick, graciously stepped in to assist with technical issues throughout the day. (What would I do without Laurie!?!)

One of my favorite parts of Alt Summit NYC was the chance to moderate a panel (see the photo above), of some of the most talented people I know of: Pilar Guzman, Lucinda Scala Quinn and Kevin Sharkey — all 3, key editors at Martha Stewart Living. The panel topic was about process. How ideas come to be, and how many people it takes to make them happen. I knew I was lucky to have access to a microphone and asked lots of questions. : )

For those of you who are curious, my sister Sara and I are the principle founders and owners of Alt Summit. We also have a 3rd partner, named Kate, who handles many of the logistics — if you’ve ever attended an Alt Summit conference, you were probably greeted by Kate at the registration table. As for Sara and I, we split the duties as follows: I arrange classes, panels, topics and speakers. Sara does the lion’s share of the work. She handles sponsorships (which is big job!), and every thing else that isn’t covered by Kate or me. If you see tweets from Alt Summit, that’s usually Sara as well.

When I started Design Mom, I certainly had no idea that something like Alt Summit would be in my future. But it’s a hugely satisfying undertaking, and the more we organize these conferences, the clearer it is to me how important face-to-face meetups are for this industry.

Have you ever been to a blogger meetup or conference or anything like that? Did you find it worth your while?

P.S. — A huge thanks goes to Bing. Without them, Alt Summit NYC wouldn’t have happened. Watch for more Alt Summit NYC recaps on the Alt blog.