Alt Summit call for presentations featured by popular lifestyle blogger and Alt Summit Founder, Gabrielle of Design Mom

Last week the Alt Summit team announced the Call for Presentations. I’m super excited about it! And tons of amazing pitches have already come in. The process is different this year in several ways:

1) The window to apply is much shorter — two weeks instead of a whole month. In fact, pitches are due this Friday (9/14).

2) It’s not just a call for speakers. This year, we’re looking for fashion designers, filmmakers, artists, speakers, panelists, workshop teachers, and roundtable leaders. Basically, if you’re involved with something super cool that you think the Alt Summit community would love, then we want to hear about it!

3) Once the pitches are all submitted to the Alt Summit team, we’re going to a have a voting period, where the community can let us know which pitches they are most excited about. The voting totals will be private — so if your pitch gets the most votes, or the least votes, or somewhere in between, no one will know. But our hope is that it will help us make sure we’re providing the content that attendees want most.

If you’d like to pitch, or want to learn more about it, click here. I hope you submit an idea or project for the 2019 Alt Summit!

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