Two weeks ago, we chatted about make-up. I learned all about who taught you how to wear it, which products you love, and how many of you won’t leave the house without applying at least a little of it.

But there was more to our conversation, from concerns about the message wearing make-up sends to our daughters and young girls everywhere, to the lovely belief that beauty has nothing to do with cosmetics and everything to do with the radiance that comes from within. I so agree! But I still wear mascara every day; I do enjoy batting my long eyelashes at Ben Blair.

One comment has stayed with me, though: “I think the reason some women hesitate to wear make-up is that it says ‘I’m trying to look beautiful.’ It’s a risk.”

That totally resonated with me! Not necessarily the makeup part, but I’ve definitely looked longingly at fashion trends or hairstyles and thought: I love it so much. She looks great! But I don’t dare try it. And I’m not sure I even understand my fear. Am I afraid I’ll try it and fail — be more clown than cool? Do I think someone will say something rude and I’ll feel rejected? If I try to be beautiful, does that mean I can’t be smart too?

That comment is the first time I’ve ever associated beauty and risk. The whole idea has me examining my routines and trying to identify which tasks are basic grooming (washing my hair), and which are specifically to make me feel beautiful (perfume, dyeing my hair).

I’m still tossing all of this around in my head and seeking clarity on the subject. Would you help me out by sharing your own thoughts? Do you try to look beautiful? How…why…or why not? Do you associate beauty and risk-taking? Do any of you find yourselves renouncing beauty products and enhancers, taming your style, and just trying to blend in?

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