The younger me as Little Orphan Annie.

If you feel a little self-conscious about becoming someone else for the night, here are a few tips to help you shed the jitters, and have a good time.

My husband was Billy Ray Cyrus last year, and he became Billy as soon as Achy Breaky Heart came over the speakers.

If you are playing someone from a book or movie, skim-read it for dialogue or re-watch the movie. IMDB is also a good source of quotes from movies. Or call that one friend that knows quotes from everything. This year my Judy Jetson has been practicing: “Outer-galactic!” and “Far-Out!” For the cowboys, check out cowboy sayings. For the pirates out there, pre-plan your phrases on this site.

If you and a buddy or your family all dress as a theme, you can take that to an extreme. You can speak in like dialect/accent/language!, act out a scene, improvise a scene, the sky’s the limit.

If your costume comes from an era like the 20’s, 50’s or 70’s….brush up on your moves and dance in character when the music starts at your Halloween party.

If you are too shy, get a mask so that nobody knows it’s you.

Dressing up and getting into character for the night is fun for someone like me who enjoys playing a role, but I know it’s not for everyone. Maybe a few of these tips will help you loosen up and get into Halloween this year.

Thanks for having me! ~Kristy

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