By Gabrielle. Image via Martha Stewart.

At Alt Summit, Darcy Miller handed out copies of the latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, and in an article about gorgeous wedding gowns, I noticed that one of them was made out Alencon Lace (slide #6).

The famous lace is made in the town of Alençon, which is about 30 minutes south of our home. Alençon also happens to be where our church is located, so we get to visit the charming village on Sundays.

The dress image looks so French to me. The grey stone work, the formal hedges, the styling of the hat — the dress made of French lace fits right in! I’d love to get a piece of Alençon lace for a souvenir. I’ve heard the real deal is very expensive, but even a little piece — enough to make a pillow or a collar — would be sweet.

P.S. — Alt Summit attendees raved about Darcy’s presentation on making events personal. Do you follow her work?