Here’s something fun + good I’ve been really, really excited to tell you about. Earlier this year, I collaborated with Sseko to design a print for a dress and shawl in their Sseko x Dressember capsule collection. And they’re available now!

The profits from the collection go directly to Dressember which raises money to support two non-profits in the fight to end modern slavery via human trafficking. And of course, the production of the line is done at Sseko’s workshop in Uganda, which means it’s creating jobs for some of the smartest and most ambitious young women on the planet. Young women who will go on to be leaders in Uganda and our world.

I couldn’t be happier to be involved in this collaboration. We’re talking full circle impact — first, by preventing the underlying cause of human trafficking in the first place, because the production of these clothes provide dignified and fair employment, plus educational opportunities, for women and girls living in poverty. And second, by raising awareness and support for survivors. That’s a whole lot of goodness in one project and I’m proud to be a part of it.

For the pattern, I took inspiration from my grandmother Daisy Albertazzi Stanley. She was tall, Italian, elegant, always wore pearls, and had a vast collection of geodes and polished stones. When I was thinking about designing my own wedding ring, she sent me a piece of gorgeous apple jade from her collection to use in the design. I still have that piece of jade! I used it as a visual reference while I worked on the textile design, and then I named the textile after her — Albertazzi Jade. 

Sseko was one of the very first companies I worked with that had a social good mission, and it’s always fun to work with them in any way I can. Getting to design a textile was icing on the cake! I’m sure I’ve mentioned this, but when I graduated from college with a BFA in graphic design, my main goal was to become a pattern and textile designer. Somehow, all these years later, I’ve never really made that dream happen. Getting to help design a textile for Sseko, helps me get a little closer to something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

Find out more in my interview with Sseko, and be sure to check out the Albertazzi Jade Collection. They’re going fast! I’ve been told they already sold out once and a second batch had to be made. : ) I wore my kaftan to church last week and loved how I felt in it. So glamorous!

Your turn. If you were asked to design a textile, where would you look for inspiration? And how do you feel about kaftans? Have you ever worn one?