Your #1 most requested gift guide category? Teens & Tweens! So I’m starting today with a Teen Gift Guide — it includes 32 items (15 of them are $15 or less!) and some great stocking stuffer options as well. There’s something here for every type of teen you can think of. I’ve got all the Breakfast Club stereotypes covered, and a whole bunch more as well. : )

Coming up I’ll do a Big Kid/Tween Gift Guide too (though I’ll bet your Tweens will like some items on this teen list). I’ve also got gift guides for Men and Women in the works, and a fifth guide that will feature gifts for co-workers, coaches, bus drivers and all the other people in your life you may not know that well, but want to gift something lovely.

Let’s get started.

Puffin in Bloom Book Collection. This hardcover book set, with cover art by Rifle Paper Company, is stunning. It includes 4 titles that would improve any personal library — Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, A Little Princess, and Heidi.

White Porcelain Bunny Lamp. This softly glowing creature is endlessly appealing. What a gentle, sweet (and really cool) addition to any bedroom.

Pink Clay Cleansing Soap Bar. It’s 100% natural, 100% vegan, and has a reputation for being very effective. Pink clay is known for drawing out impurities and toxins. Just the thing for troubled teen complexions. And it smells amazing too.

Hedgehog Pencil Holder This ceramic charmer is handmade in New Jersey. Your teen can use it for pencils or straws or knitting needles or whatever they like. Put this under the tree and a set of pretty colored pencils in their stocking.

3-inch Green Mini Clock. It comes in 7 different colors, but the green and blue are my favorite. Oh, and it’s non-ticking! So it won’t bug anyone who likes to fall asleep in a quiet room. 

Washi Tape 20 Color Set. This set of 20 includes a super assortment of brights and cools. My teens use washi like this to tape dried wild flowers to their mirrors and walls. There are endless uses for these pretty tapes.

California Throwback Tee. The graphic has that perfect 80’s California vibe, and the tee comes in 5 different colors including blue and yellow and green.

Programmable Scrolling Badge. I didn’t understand what this was when I first saw it, but then I read more about it and now I want one. It’s a small badge size scrolling screen. You can program it to say whatever words or messages you like, and you can attach it to your shirt or hat or bag with a magnet or a safety pin. It has a rechargeable battery that last for 12 hours. So geek chic!

Sector 9 Highline Complete Skateboard. If you’ve never shopped for a skateboard before, it can be tricky. Often the super cool design you’re drawn to comes unassembled, and you have to figure out what else you need to put it together. But this one is really good looking, and it’s complete! You can read all the details (including the riding style) when you click through.

How to Stay Alive in the Woods. It’s divided into 4 essential sections — Sustenance, Warmth, Orientation and Safety — and it has excellent reviews. Your teen will approach the upcoming zombie apacolypse with confidence.

Rustic YoYo. This is handmade in California from a Laurel tree branch. Because of it’s organic shape, it’s not a high performance yo-yo. But it looks really awesome. And sometimes that’s what counts.

Woodland Pencils. A quirky, cute set of 4 that would be perfect in a stocking.

Sheep Pushpin Holder. This wooly sheep comes with 75 white, round push pins — and doubles as an eraser. Can’t you just picture it sitting happily on their desk? (Could be fun for a co-worker too.)

Tosca Accessory Stand. A simple, good-looking organizer designed in Japan. It holds necklaces, bracelets, eyeglasses, a cell phone — and has a tray on the bottom for rings and watches.

Clear Bubble Umbrella with Yellow Trim. Bound to bring sunshine on even the rainiest day. It’s the sort of accessory that makes any ensemble look 20% more stylish.

Make Art Not War Poster. For the budding activist in your life. It’s big — 18×24 inches — and will look handsome on their bedroom wall.

Bike Bell. From Public Bikes. What a happy little surprise in their stocking this would make. Available in 7 colors. (More bike-related gift ideas.)

Giant Wearable Body Bubble (set of 2). A fun and funny way to help them get out that excess energy.

A Gorgeous Slingshot. Handmade in California, they come in tons of colors and styles — and the company offers felt ammo too.

Punching Bag. I hung one of these in my family room when we lived in New York and had 3 tiny kids. It was an amazing stress reliever! This full-size, affordable version comes flat, and can be filled with whatever you like.

Hardcover Journal. I LOVE this journal. It’s available with dot, rules, blank, or grid pages, it has an expandable pocket at the back, it lays flat when it opens so it’s easy to write in, and there’s a pen holder on the spine. Great looking and great details.

Modern Wood Chess Set. I first saw this in a museum gift shop. It’s really handsome — simple and modern. And it’s very well made.

Starter Ukulele. It comes in 5 different colors (I’m really feeling the black version), with all the needed accessories — Gig Bag, a Digital E-tuner, Extra Strings and One Polishing Cloth. They’ll be playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow by New Year’s.

Gio_Graphy: Fun in the Wild World of Fashion. Know a teen fashionista? Or someone who wants to be one? This book is on my own teen’s wishlist. It’s witty and interesting — written by a street-style fashion heroine.

Drying Lotion. Darn zits! This tiny little bottle of magic will dry them up fast. It’s a universally loved product. Pair it with a cool little package of Japanese cotton swabs, and put them both in the stocking.

Pretty Magnets. This eye-catching set of 24 comes in a nice little box that will fit snugly in a stocking. Perfect for using in a locker or on a whiteboard in their bedroom.

Marvin Gaye Record. Vinyl in general makes a great teen gift. It’s a chance to introduce your teens (or grandkids!) to a favorite album from your own youth, or a vintage record you’ve always loved.

Record Player. This one has great vintage styling. (More record player picks.)

To Kill A Mockingbird. This hardcover, 50th Anniversary Edition, is an excellent addition to any personal library.

Pro Art Drawing Set. Very affordable, with rave reviews. This set has everything you need to get drawing. Pair it with a sketchbook for a handsome gift.

Unicorn Hat. There’s so much good unicorn stuff out there right now (here are 14 more of my unicorn favorites), but this hat is a stand out.

Bath Bombs. Being a teenager is stressful! This pretty boxed set comes with each bath bomb individually wrapped and labeled with what it’s designed to do — soothe, restore, detox, etc..


Your turn! What are you giving to the teens in your life this year? Feel free to add links in the comments. Does anything on this list spark a gift idea for you? I’d love to hear.

P.S. — Need more ideas? I’ve got 45 really great Teen Gift Picks over in the shop.