[ I’m basically prohibited from talking about Christmas in my household until Thanksgiving is over. So — bring it on!!! ]

One thing I love about the holidays is driving down the street and seeing how people adorn their front doors. I love that most people hang wreaths and I think they are a great way to express your style outdoors.

I seem to always have grand intentions to make a wreath with fresh greenery and berries, but have never been really successful. One year, I even harvested some red berries from a bush in my yard in the summer and dried them, anticipating an awesome Christmas wreath; but, alas, it was a failure because every time we opened the door a few berries would fall off. This year, I’ve done a little wreath research and here are my findings.

I think my all time favorite wreath is this one from Sundance Catalog.

A NY neighbor puts up a fresh wreath decorated with fresh fruit during the holidays. It is totally “them.” I’m sure it was a lot more inexpensive to make than this one available for $150 here. Although this fruit is freeze-dried and would last multiple years.

I think this idea is really pretty and simple — you simply string fresh cranberries (I would have never thought of that!) and wrap them around greenery. I would love to try this. Instructions here.

I especially love this hip wreath idea from the magazine Cottage Living. The instructions are so simple — you use a square frame for the form! and I love the green berries. I also think using nontraditional holiday colors is a great way to keep things interesting. Cottage Living also has some great ideas for filling window boxes and planters with fresh greenery here.

This is a unique wreath using fresh greenery and simple ball ornaments. It would be fun to see this on someone’s door.

Using faux leaves and berries can also be exquisite — and usable year after year with little or no maintenance. I am amazed at how real some of them look! My friend Megan has had a wreath like this on her front door in the past. The red made a great statement on her black door. Instructions to make this one found here.

And there are a million options for purchase out there. These amazing ones are from Restoration Hardware. There are similar ones available for $25 at Target.

How will you adorn your door this year?

Top wreath available from Smith and Hawken.