By Gabrielle.

My dear friend Emily’s mother passed away recently after a heart-breaking 8-year fight with cancer. The holidays are such a hard time to lose a loved one! Endlessly stylish, Emily’s mother was a designer, writer and dedicated naturalist. She was mostly retired by the time I met her, but I loved every conversation I had with her and secretly wished I could somehow have her as a mentor.

One of the things Emily found while going through her mother’s things was a day planner from 1967. It’s not a journal. It’s more of a daily task list. But Emily has written a lovely post about the planner, where she lists out every single item in the planner, gives insight to some of the tasks, and includes questions she wishes she could ask her mom.

The planner is a window into a year of her mother’s life and I found myself so fascinated with Emily’s post! Her mother was such a creative soul and I loved reading about and imagining what her life was like as a young mother.

Outside of this blog, I’m not much of a journal keeper, but I do have all sorts of notebooks full of lists. I’ve never thought of them worth keeping, but seeing Emily’s post makes me think my kids or grandkids might enjoy looking through them someday.

Are you a journal keeper? A list maker? Or maybe both? Have you ever inherited a day planner?