By Gabrielle. 

Have you been keeping an eye on the US Government’s state of affairs these past few weeks? The shutdown and near-default on our debt unless we raise the ceiling (Which just happened, by the way! Phrew!)… oh, it’s heady and dizzying and frustrating stuff, to me at least.

If you work for the government, were you told to stay home or were you deemed essential? And is it true you essential folks worked without pay?

One of the commenters in Karen Nyberg’s Space Station tour is currently furloughed from her job at NASA, along with 97% of the agency. (Hi Sarah!) It must be a ghost town! And it must be crazy hard for those in the Space Station to deal with their support staff so limited. I’ve heard awful stories about programs that have been halted, small businesses that rely on government workers patronizing their establishments suffering painful losses, and on a much less serious note, even the super cool Alcatraz Island that I had planned to show my friend, Caroline, has been closed. (Next time, Caroline!)

How have you been affected directly, whether you live in the US or elsewhere? Fingers crossed you’ve only been mildly annoyed at the ever-alarming newsreel!

P.S. — My youngest brother hosts half marathons at National Parks, and could lose a very hefty deposit if the deadline passes or any other delays pop up. It’s a new business and a loss like this could tank the whole thing. I’m worried sick for him.