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Yesterday, we spent the morning at La Roche D’Oëtre — it’s about 30 minutes from our home and has some great hikes and a really cool zip line course. We started at the zip lines. Some of their courses are way intense — but only Ralph and Maude were old enough to participate, so instead, we played around on the little kids course for a bit, and then went on a hike.

I love hiking with my family! The trail went down the mountain through a lush forest, along a river, and then circled back up again. It was nice and shady (and lined with wild blackberry bushes) and just challenging enough to keep everyone interested. My favorite part was watching the kids play on the river rocks — and seeing if they could get across without getting their feet wet. (No, they could not. : ) I also loved seeing my kids help each other as they climbed up and down the bigger rocks. Nothing quite pulls at my heartstrings like watching them work together.

I have fond memories of seeing my children play on rocks in a dozen different rivers. I’ve concluded it’s one of the most fun things a person can do in this life.

How about you? Do you have any favorite family hikes?