It was such a good weekend!

On Friday evening, we visited the tiny cottage I mentioned. It is a total wreck! Overgrown yard. Needs a new roof. Junk everywhere. But it’s awesome! We’re going back today with a local expert who will advise us on whether or not it’s worth restoring. (You can see some images on my instagram feed if you’re curious.) We’re also going to visit a second cottage in a different area today. We’re getting very serious about buying something. Exciting!

On Saturday, we spent the morning weeding, and rewarded ourselves with an afternoon at the beach. Olive and Mimi collected seashells and we organized them into a spectrum. Isn’t it beautiful? I like to imagine someone wandered by and admired the little collection before it swept out to sea.

Yesterday was church in the morning, bike rides in the afternoon, and crepes in the evening. Sigh of contentment.

We don’t always get a perfect weekend, so I love to acknowledge it when we do. : ) How was your weekend?