By Gabrielle.

Did you have a wonderful Christmas? I hope you did. Ours was lovely, raucous, and still at all the right moments. I loved it all, but the lulls were my favorite; they gave me the chance to reflect a little beyond the presents and meal prep and pies and “Wow. Didn’t realize that toy was so loud.”

Every holiday, I say a little prayer for those who are celebrating alone. May they feel anything but loneliness, please.

I had the pleasure of reading Anne Sage’s beautiful capture of her solo-by-choice Christmas, and I can honestly say it touched me so much. She chose to celebrate the day differently than Christmases past because she “wanted a day of still seas.” And while she missed her family and traditions, she spent the day productively. Sans laptop. Reading Martha Stewart Living cover to cover. Making homemade vegetable stock. Taking a shower until her skin turned pruney.

And she thought. About this, specifically: “I thought about wanting. About gifting ourselves more with what we want, as I did yesterday. Not selfishly, but intentionally. So that when we do go out to weather the winds of the world, we have built within ourselves a strong and solid hull of incontrovertible truths. In my case, I know I am: a girl who still needs to tinker with her veggie stock recipe. A girl who takes fifteen minutes to wrinkle up in hot water, give or take an hour. A girl who can face the fear of a Christmas alone and come out the other side, happy.”

For those of you who are spending the holidays alone, may you come out the other side happy.

Photo titled YAUITSS, acronym unknown.

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