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Oh my goodness. Are you ready to think gifts yet? Is it too early? I confess, I already started making lists! Shipping between France and the U.S. can be tricky as far as timing goes, so I’m trying to stay ahead of the game. I’ll be writing several gift guides this month and thought it would be fun to start with gadgets. I remember hearing a friend say: it’s not a real gift unless it plugs in. Hah! I don’t really believe that, but I do crave my fair share of plugged in goods. : ) My picks range from $20 to $230, so hopefully, there’s something perfect for your budget.

For Dads, I’m thinking a totally legit waffle iron for making weekend morning memories. Or how about a turntable? (Then dust off his box of records from the attic and leave them under the tree with a big bow!) And for the dad who likes toys, I was thinking a desk-ready remote control car. They are a hit every time!

For Moms, I’d pick a tripod. You know she’s addicted to her camera and this is an affordable way to up her game! Or, how about a classic Kitchen Aid mixer? (I’ve never owned one, but have always wanted to.) Another idea is to replace her cheap-y version with a really good hair dryer.

For teens, you can’t go wrong with a GoPro Camera! It attaches to your head so you can film snow skiing, skateboarding, mountain biking… Or maybe an iPod Touch. Load it up with their favorite movies for the big holiday drive to Grandma’s house. This pick is pricey, but I’ve heard 3 different nieces and nephews mention it: Beats by Dr. Dre. And if you have any big talkers at your house, I love these old school telephone handles that plug into any headphone jack. Pretty cool!

Here’s one more bonus pick for the whole family. This little adaptor has changed our life! It connects an iPhone or iPad to your TV. Now we can watch anything that’s on our iPad screen together on the family TV. We use this a ton!!

I’d love to hear, what sort of plugged in goods are on your wishlist this year?

P.S. — Watch for more gift guides this month. The next one will be all about books!