Where’s the first place you look these days for holiday decorating ideas? I head straight to Pinterest. Just run a search for Halloween, and your inspiration file will be filled to capacity with all things creative, creepy, whimsical, delicious, smile-inducing, gross, and even grosser.

But be warned: I’ve known people who’ve disappeared for days on Pinterest! Are you nodding your head in agreement right now? I’m guilty, too.

I’m curious about how you use Pinterest. What do you pin the most: DIY, fashion, beauty, or words that make you melt? Do your pins provide clarity for your concepts, or are they frustrating in their endlessness? Confession: I seek inspiration on Pinterest all the time, but I rarely pin. I’m designmom if you want to see my (bare) pin boards. : )

P.S. Painted pumpkins at top here. If you’ve seen any other stellar Halloween pins, please share them!