We (the Kirtsy girls) have been working furiously on the Altitude Design Summit panels and programming for the last couple of weeks. It is going to be amazing. If you are into design or social media at all, you will love this conference. I’m sure of it. (Did you see that Heather Armstrong — Dooce — will be joining the keynote panel? Woot!)

“Lead Type” image by jm3

The full program — with panels topics and descriptions — will be posted soon. In the meantime, here’s a hint of what you could learn/discuss if you come to Alt Summit:

-Why everyone and their cousin is talking about design more now then ever.
-How ad networks work, how they’re changing and which networks cater especially to design and lifestyle sites.
-The realities of online design — hear from a web designer, programmer and online-type expert to learn what you need to know about online design now and what to know going forward.
-Blog Etiquette and how to appropriately (and legally!) credit the content sources and sponsors you’re referencing on your site.
-Creative ways site owners are generating revenue outside of ad networks.
-Being a designer vs. being a design blogger — if you’re both, what should the time balance be between the two?
-Designing your community and smart ways to grow your audience.
-How design will save social media. (It needs saving you ask? Come to Alt and find out.)

And that’s just a taste. It keeps getting better and better. And better.

Also. You can check out the illustrious list of speakers here (we’re still waiting on a dozen or so bios, but the list as it is now will impress you all the same), and you can check the schedule for timing here.

One last thing: be aware that the registration discount ends on December 31st. It’s the final discount being offered — don’t miss! I hope you’re coming. I will love to see you there.