I love getting holiday cards. As a kid I’d pore relentlessly over the hundred Christmas cards my mom received each year, studying family photos, analyzing card layouts and even reading every word of those oft-criticized Christmas letters (some people hate them, but I love ‘em!). I think there’s something so fun about getting to catch up, via snail mail, with long-lost family and friends each holiday season.

However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten a little more picky in my holiday card taste. Sure, I still love receiving and reading cards — but it’s like a little Christmas bonus gift if the card is designed well and piques my creative interest. It really doesn’t take THAT much more effort or money to pick out a cute, well-made holiday card — but I think it definitely makes the recipient appreciate your coolness factor a little more!

I’m here this week to show you how easy it can be to find a great-looking, contemporary holiday card — one that will look way better than the ones you pick up from Costco :) We’ll start out trying to stick close to the norm — cards that make it easy to include family photos.

The card at the top of the post is from the HelloandCo — love the way the snowflake border blends into the photo! You’ll learn pretty quick with me that I’m a huge fan of the handmade, crafty movement — how about ordering cards off of etsy this year? Your cards are sure to be unique, plus, you’ll be supporting a DIYer!

-I also love this card from Hello!Lucky — they’ll print your photo directly onto the card for super-high quality.

-I’m kinda obsessed with letterpress (in fact, you’ll see many more letterpress cards pop up in my other posts this week), so here’s a great letterpressed card from Armato Design that allows you to easily attach your favorite photo.

Tiny Prints is another good place to go if you can’t bear the thought of a holiday card without a printed photo.

-And just for good measure, one more printed photo card from the etsy world. I love the non-cheesy religious message of this card from Lille Barn Too.

Hope you’re feeling inspired already! I’ll be back soon with some more holiday card ideas. xoxo


Note from Design Mom:

Lindsey will be Guest Posting here this week (our second Guest Aunt!) with some fantastic ideas for Holiday Cards. Turns out knowing and loving stationery and cards is her special expertise. You can find more yummy paper goods at Lindsey’s blog, The Stationery Place. Lindsey, we’re glad you’re here!