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This post is brought to you by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Donate $5 and give a miracle to a child in the hospital this Christmas.


By Gabrielle. 

Not so fun fact: This Christmas, there are one million kids who will spend the holiday in the hospital. One million kids.

I don’t know if you’ve ever spent time in a hospital over Christmas, but there are few experiences more discouraging. I remember visiting my sister Sara and her husband Steve. They were spending December with their tiny preemie baby, little Lucy, in the hospital, while their other 3 very young children were at home — 5 hours away. It’s an impossible situation. You’re fighting for your child’s life, dividing time between home and hospital, while trying to provide some sort of “normal” holiday for the rest of your children. And mostly you’re just trying to survive each day.

I’m sure you have your own Christmas-in-the-hospital stories as well.

And that’s where Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals comes in. This organization has a piece of my heart. CMN Hospitals raises funds and awareness for 170 children’s hospitals in North America. The hospitals provide $3.4 billion in charitable care every single year. That amounts to $6,500 in charitable care every minute! As I’m sure you know, when a child becomes hospitalized with a serious illness, the costs quickly become overwhelming. So charitable care is essential.

CMN Hospitals Kids

This month, CMN Hospitals is encouraging people to make a $5 donation in honor of one of the one million kids who will spend Christmas in the hospital. They even have a real time counter that counts down as donations come in. It started at 1 million, and every $5 donation brings the counter down 1 number. Check out the current number here.

The thing I love best about CMN Hospital’s fundraising? Donations stay local, and the children’s hospitals use the funds however they need them most. It’s easy to donate. Simply go here and follow the steps.

Friends, thinking of children spending their holiday in the hospitals just breaks my heart! So I’ve been pondering what I could do personally to really encourage donations, and I came up with a plan. I’m going to send my favorite Christmas book, Every Man Heart Lay Down, by Lorenz Graham, to 50 Design Mom Readers who donate! That’s right, 50 books to 5o people!!

Design Mom is giving away 50 copies of her favorite Christmas Book: Every Man Heart Lay Down. Click through for details!

Donate here, then leave a comment below letting me know what name you used to donate. You can use your own name, or donate in honor of someone you love. And that’s it! 50 commenters will be randomly chosen between Christmas and New Year’s, and I’ll contact each one via email to arrange shipping. Any donation works — $5, $25, $50, $100+. Give what you can, then let me know you donated. Fifty people will receive a hardbound copy of Every Man Heart Lay Down.

iPad Mini

12/17 UPDATE: I’ve added a Grand Prize! Everything in this post still holds true, but one lucky person will also to be picked to win an iPad Mini!! Plus, I’ll donate the value of an iPad Mini in the grand prize winner’s name, to CMN Hospitals!!

This isn’t a CMN Hospitals contest. It’s just me, personally encouraging you to donate, and trying to tempt you with the chance at receiving a gift from me. Give in to the temptation! : ) Let’s get that counter down, down, down.

To demonstrate how straightforward it is to donate, I went through the process twice (once with Paypal and once with a credit card) and documented it with screen grabs. Take a look.

CMN Hospitals Donate Screen 1

Screen 1:
Go here and fill out the red column on the right.

– Fill in your first name and last name.
– Click on a donation amount or fill in the space with your own chosen amount.
– Choose one-time, or monthly donation.
– Choose to pay by credit card or Paypal.
– Click Donate.

CMN Hospitals Donate Screen 2

Screen 2 for PAYPAL Users:
Choose the hospital you want to donate to. (I chose the local children’s hospital here in Oakland.) Then click continue. A window will open up for Paypal and you can confirm the purchase. After that, you can skip down to the final screenshot.

CMN Hospitals Donate Screen 4

Screen 2 for CREDIT CARD Users:
– Choose the hospital you want to donate to (I chose the children’s hospital in Oakland).
– Fill out your name, address, phone & email.
– Click “continue”.

CMN Hospitals Donate Screen 4.1

Screen 2.1 for CREDIT CARD Users:
If you check the box marked “Make this donation in memory or honor of someone”, this form will appear. Fill it out, then click “continue”.

CMN Hospitals Donate Screen 5

Screen 3 for CREDIT CARD Users:
Fill in your billing information and click “continue”.

CMN Hospitals Donate Screen 6

Screen 4 for CREDIT CARD Users:
Confirm that all the information you put in is correct, then click “submit transaction”.

CMN Hospitals Donation Screen 3

Final Screen for All Users:
You’re done! You’ll see this confirmation screen, and if your donation was $5 or more, you’ll see the number on the counter has gone down. Go you! Way to provide a miracle for a child in the hospital this Christmas.


See what I mean? Straightforward as can be. Go donate now! And then let me know you did. Because I really want to send you a book — or an iPad Mini. Thank you so much for being generous this month. You’re amazing.

P.S. — Don’t celebrate Christmas? Or already have Every Man Heart Lay Down? I hear you. When I contact you for shipping info, just let me know and I’ll choose an alternate title just for you!