photo of Ben Blair and me making out (sheesh! get a room already.) by Candice Stringham.

Friends. I’m expecting a baby.

Yes, this was planned (I can’t believe you even asked that! Just kidding. I would totally ask it too.) — in as far as you can plan such a thing. And we think we’re super lucky. When we shared this news with Ralph, Maude, Olive, Oscar, and Betty, they were shouting and dancing and hooray-ing around the room. We feel the same way. What’s happier than the thought of a new little person joining our family?

I’m sick. Pregnancy sick. Which is strikingly similar to a deep and abiding flu. But we’re very excited all the same. And we’re trying to celebrate this likely-it’s-our-last-pregnancy as much as possible (we’re thinking this is the end of the line for us as far as baby-making goes).

As part of the celebration, I’ve reached out to dear friends and bloggers to help. I’ve requested pregnancy memories and pregnancy advice from the 4 corners of the blogosphere and I’ll be posting the responses here all week.

One last thought: even though this was planned, it has somehow still come as a bit of a shock. How will we manage another baby? Who are we to think it’s okay to bring 6 persons into this crazy world? There’s something that seems unfair about the whole thing — considering couples that can’t conceive at all. These sorts of thoughts have been on my mind a lot — and most likely I’ll address them in a future post.

But today, I’ll just be happy. And feel blessed that I get to be a mother.