Robert W Blair

By Gabrielle. Another great photo of Robert Wallace Blair.

Thank you so much for the kind words about Ben’s father. Sincerely. Both Ben Blair and myself have read every word and feel very loved. Thank you.

The weekend was filled with funeral preparations. They continue today and throughout this week. On Thursday we’ll drive to Utah. The funeral and viewing will take place on Friday and Saturday.

I won’t be able to work much this week, but happily, I have lots of content already scheduled — new stuff every day. Including some really good posts I don’t want you to miss. So even if I don’t have much time to comment this week, know that I’m thinking of you and I’ll check in when I can.

In the meantime, for any who are curious, here is a link to my father-in-law’s obituary that ran in the newspaper yesterday. And here is a link to a longer version that my sister-in-law Margaret Blair Young has been writing on Patheos.

Again, thank you for the kind words. It means a ton.

P.S. — Benjamin Wallace Blair and Ralph Wallace Blair are both namesakes of Ben’s dad.