Question: how does one know if one has carpel-tunnel-syndrome? (Ouch! It hurts to type this.)
My list today is long and deep. And may or may not include a visit to a physician. So instead of my regular trio of posts, I will leave you with lots of great links to visit. In no particular order.

1) Mighty Goods has a clever Guide to Halloween Costumes being featured right this minute. Spotted on kirtsy.

2) The World’s Smallest Postal Service is available for hire. Brilliant. I can die happy knowing this exists.

3) My friend Lisa Clark, the sister-in-law to Nie Nie, wrote a beautiful post on perspective. Don’t miss. For realz. Don’t miss.

4) Online scrapbooking is taking the world by storm. Or so say several emails in my inbox. If real, live, paper-and-glue scrapbooking doesn’t float your boat, check out Inkubook and Scrapblog to see if they’re a better fit. Different strokes for different folks, people.

5) Papered Together has their 2009 Calendar ready to go. The bee page is my favorite. Bonus, each calendar page doubles as a mailable card. Recycling in action.

6) Gwyneth Paltrow started a website called Goop. It’s pretty. But the interwebs have decided it is a joke. Not clear on the backstory here, but just thought you’d like to know. Spotted on kirtsy.

7) The most recent post I wrote for Cookie was all about a basement decorated in Sharpie Marker. Probably I should do all in my power to make sure Ralph doesn’t see this and attempt a bedroom makeover.

8) Francesca’s Collections. It was described to me as Forever 21’s slightly older sister. But I haven’t checked it out yet. Please let me know if it’s worth a more thorough look.

9) Rocks in My Dryer has a pretty new design. Yay Shannon!

10) Liz included these handknit slippers in her etsy roundup the other day. I am all about slippers from October through May. And these might be the cutest I’ve seen. Machine washable. Made to order in your exact size.

11) Win oodles of goodies from Lucky Magazine, plus tickets to their big Lucky Shops event, in the Get Lucky Giveaway at Kirtsy.