winter walk11

Text and photos by Gabrielle.

On Sunday, a few of us decided to take a late winter walk as the sun was setting. We walked down the road to see how high the water was in the little creek, and say hello to the sheep that live across the way. We also wanted to scout out signs of spring.

And I remembered to bring the camera! (Instagram has me out of the habit of carrying my DSLR.) So I thought I’d share a few photos from our walk with you.

winter walk08winter walk09winter walk10

I can’t believe how much I enjoy seeing the little lambs…

winter walk12winter walk16winter walk13winter walk14winter walk15

Here is the cast of our little walk:

Olive, Oscar, Betty, June, Ben Blair, and me.

winter walk03winterwalk_21winter walk04winter walk05winter walk06winter walk07

Here is the side of the La Cressonnière barns as we headed back to the house.

winter walk02winter walk17

And look, Oscar found a sign of spring!

winter walk01winter walk18

It’s fun to imagine how different the landscape — especially the trees — will look in just a few short weeks. Hurry, spring!

How about your part of the world? Has spring arrived? Is the landscape changing? Did you bid farewell to winter weeks ago? (Or maybe you’re heading into fall now…)

P.S. — Winter decided to have one last hurrah. On Monday night, it started snowing, and didn’t stop! The roads were so bad, the kids couldn’t go to school on Tuesday, or Wednesday, or even today. We had better luck driving this afternoon, so they’ll be back in school tomorrow.