When you live with a thing for a while, especially a thing that you touch often, or that touches you, you start to love it. Here are a few things I love.

My camel skirt. I bought this skirt in Porto, Portugal, a few weeks before I finished my mission. It was the first thing that I ever bought from Zara — and unless the brand finds its way to red-state America, it may be the last, too! I wore the skirt on the flight home, and I’ve worn it on scores of occasions in the intervening ten years. The skirt is a suede-look microfiber, with a hint of stretch; it wears and washes like a dream, matches everything in every season, accommodates four-month pregnancies and post-partum bellies and hides it all. For this reason alone, I’ve worn it at the blessings of all three of my children!

My red bag. I’m a one-bag girl; I hate the hassle of transferring all my stuff from bag to bag, and I rarely go anywhere that would require a dressier look. I bought this bag two years ago while visiting my sister in Washington D.C.: $35 from an illegal African knock-off vendor in Georgetown. I’ve used it every day of my life since, and have loved it every time: the design is roomy but shapely, the leather has worn very well, and the color — well, you can’t go wrong with red leather. Its one flaw is the fake “Prada” tag at the top: I’m soooo not a labels person, and I hate people thinking I am.

Our blue plates. For our wedding, my husband’s great aunt gave us a gorgeous set of six of these hand-made antique porcelain dinner plates. The photo doesn’t begin to do justice to the color, which is a translucent textured aqua that just calls out to you to dive right in. The plates have a history of their own: they were commissioned by the writer Sophie Kerr in New York City in the 1910s or 20s; they were later given to the Broadway actress Leora Thatcher, who eventually presented them to our dear aunt and uncle, Edith and Floyd Morgan, in 1953. Edith and Floyd are gone now, but the plates remain.

Our ceramics. I love ceramic pottery. Lucky for me, I’m married to a sometime potter; his wheel made a wonderful end table in our very first studio apartment. The wheel is in the garage now, but some of his creations grace our mantle. I love adding to our collection: one shelf of my bookshelf-cum-china-hutch is loaded with so-so crystal vases now, but by the time we’re in our next house I’m hoping to replace them with more beauties like these. So what do you love?