Hello, Friends. How are you? Was it a good week for you? I’m ready for the weekend! We have family coming to town tomorrow — my sister-in-law Carol and my niece, Lindsey. We can’t wait! They’re bringing an empty suitcase and we have big plans to go shopping and fill it up. : )

In addition to the grocery list and touristy stuff, here are a few things that I’ll be discussing with Ben Blair this weekend:
– My bro-in-law, Paul Ferney’s new site! (His piece at top is called California Fall.)
– LOVE this article. Makes me think about the words I use with my kids.
– A new site that caught my eye.
– Marriage advice from a happy couple.
– My brother Salem sent me a link to this wild street art.
– Work Life Balance (plus me!) on the Huffington Post.
– So many good Kirtsy slideshows this week. This one is all about neon.

I also write for Babble.com. Here are this week’s posts:
Ten cozy cardigans for fall!
– These are at the very top of my wishlist right now.
– I’m already a fan of Wee Gallery. Look what else they made.
– A new in-print mag for kids. (Their site is gorgeous!)
– Gorgeous new line for your daughters at Anthropologie.

Have a wonderful weekend! I hope you have some fun discussions at your house too. I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.


P.S. — Did I tell you I’m headed to NYC next Wednesday? I’m so excited!