La Cressonnière has a cherry tree (of course it does!) and I spent some time this afternoon filling a basket with cherry red happiness. I am still waiting to hear if Maude will be released from the hospital today. They just took her menu orders through the weekend, so I have my doubts. : (

6/26 UPDATE: Maude is home! She is still sick, but is getting stronger. She was released from the hospital last night and we’re so happy to have her here. Thank you again for all the well-wishes. You guys are wonderful!

While I wait for more news, here are a few things that are keeping me distracted:
– Do you have strong feelings about the color pink?
Kitchens on wheels.
Magnetic map.
DIY flipflops.
– Wow! DNA is strong.
– Simple cakes.
Paper airport.

I also write for Babble. Here are my posts from this week:
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Have a wonderful weekend! I’ll try to check back in with any updates about Maude. Thank you so much for your well-wishes, prayers and kind words. They mean so much!