Hello, Friends. I am so happy the weekend has arrived. Having the kids back in school means a definite feeling of relief when we can have a slow-moving morning on Saturday. We are still working through our practical settling in tasks, but hoping to do something adventurous this weekend. We’d really like to visit Mont Saint Michel — it’s about an hour and a half away and seems like a perfect day trip. If nothing else, we will make crepes for breakfast. In fact, I’m hoping it becomes a weekend tradition while we’re here. If you come visit, I will make you some. : )

While we make our weekend plans, here are a few things I’ve been wanting to share with you.
– It’s all about the details.
– Let’s host an art exhibit party.
– Love it. Desk as vanity.
– Just discovered Martha has apps!
– Are you having a boy or a girl? These pancakes will tell you. (thanks, Angel!)
– Coveting cashmere pillow poufs (pictured above).
– Jordan is on a how-to kick — Party hats and Fringey Streamers.
– Yummy. Wallpaper in the kitchen.
– I want to try this project.
Watercolor bouquets.

And here are my Babble posts from this week:
– What’s your take on high-end cribs?
– Everything is cuter in Japan.
– I’m obsessed with this motif. I’m glad it’s everywhere right now.
– This would be perfect baby decor for minimalist parents.
– When putting together a nursery, these are go to toys for stylists.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Has it started to warm up where you are? Maybe we’ll all get outside for a bit. I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.