DIY Valentine Fruit Stickers

Bonjour, Friends! This is Gabrielle, writing my very first post from France. We are here. Almost unpacked. And happily, our internet access is now up and running — just in time to send you off for the weekend with a Friday Few Things post. : ) Since this is pretty much my first internet interlude of the week, I have almost no links to share with you. Instead, I’ll share a few things I’ve loved about our week.

But first, did you see the Valentine Fruit Stickers by Twig & Thistle? For bananas, oranges, apples and pears — genius!

Second, here are my Babble posts from this week:
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– Despite the crazy Tuesday snowstorms, our flights from both Denver and Montreal left on time. And thanks to the Sabeys and the Lattins, our airport arrival went super smoothly.

– Our kids were such great sports about the challenging travel days. It is hard for kids to be patient and uncomplaining when they are running on so few hours of sleep, and in unfamiliar places.

– The van we rented (a Renault Trafic) is surprisingly big. We were able to fit all of our luggage, plus 8 people! I was thinking we’d have to make 2 trips from Paris to Normandy, but we made it in one. A happy surprise.

– The weather was unusually warm on Thursday — the day we arrived at La Cressonnière. It felt like Spring. (Confession: I immediately started daydreaming about an Easter egg hunt on the Great Lawn.)

– There is a treehouse. It is possibly the sweetest tree house that has ever been built. It is already beloved by my kids.

– Our landlords made so many thoughtful preparations for us. Big things, like overhauling the art studio so we could use it as a home office/creative space. And small details, like stocking a table in the studio with art supplies for the kids and stools for them to perch on.

– The mother of our landlord came to the house before we arrived. She made sure a fire was waiting in the hearth and left a cake and a jar of homemade raspberry jelly. Delicious.

– Our internet is working and our desktop computer made it across the ocean in one piece. Which means I can now download our photos (if I can figure out where I packed the camera cord…).

– A crew of talented Guest Moms + talented assistant Melanie shared and arranged such great content while I was unavailable.

– Lastly, we are almost adjusted to French time. At least, I am pretending we are.

Next week I should be up and running and back to my regular schedule. I can’t wait to tell you more about the move and the over-nighter in Paris and the house and well, just everything. I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.