Hello, Friends. This was a rough day in a rough week. I feel like I’m supposed to write something, but can’t seem to manage it. Like you, I’m devastated by the mass murder in New Zealand. It’s somehow totally predictable — like what else did we expect? While also reaching new levels of horror. I mean, he was performing. These murders were performed with a global audience of white nationalists and white supremacists in mind.

I’m not sure what to say. I’m thinking of the Muslim families my kids go to school with.I’m thinking about how unsafe they probably feel right now. I’m thinking of the Mosques here in Oakland. I’m looking for ways I can show love and support.

One article I read about the massacre offered up a new word that I’m finding helpful. The philosopher and author Timothy Morton coined the term “hyperobject” to describe a concept so huge that it’s almost impossible to grasp its entirety. The hatred that inspired the Christchurch massacre is a “hyperobject”.

Another article I appreciate is from the NYT — A Mass Shooting of, and for, the Internet.

I have a few things to share with you today, but it’s a shorter link list than usual. As I was working on this post, Olive and Maude were changing a tire and the jack slipped and we ended up at the emergency room. It’s a long story involving a team of firefighters having to lift our car, and thankfully, everyone is okay now. I’ll try to share details later. But for now, I’m beat and I need to head to bed. 

– The Five Desert-Island Foodstuffs are the dishes one can’t live without. If you could only eat these few items, forever, which would you choose?

– A long-overdue excavation of the book that Hitler called his “bible,” and the man who wrote it.

– Photos of kids around the world protesting climate change are so hopeful.

– “Female anxiety about aging is a complex rat-queen of identity, beauty standards, patriarchy, and learned beliefs.”

– The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled that families of Sandy Hook victims can continue their lawsuit against gun manufacturers.

Coded jewelry.

– A National Geographic report on rats. I was at lunch on Wednesday with a woman who lives in Piedmont — a wealthy city within Oakland’s borders. She said she’s trapped 19 rats in the last two months. Apparently Oakland/Berkeley is experiencing a rat infestation.

Queer Eye Season 3 is out today on Netflix. And a new series by Aidy Bryant and Lindy West called Shrill is out today on Hulu. I’ll be watching both.

That’s it for now. I’ll try to add more links this weekend. And if you’ve read anything good, feel free to share a link in the comments. I hope you have a good weekend. I’m sending love to all of you. I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.