Hello, Friends! Our weekend is shaping up to be exciting — Oscar turns six on Sunday and Baby June is 8 months old today. (Please. Somebody stop all this aging before my heart breaks.) Here is sweet June on Christmas morning, happy as a clam with her fists full of wrapping paper.

I am signing off early today because every bit of space in my brain is occupied with our visa applications for France. I will tell you all about it soon. For now, I will just say that applying for college, getting a mortgage, and doing taxes, are not as complicated and involved as this. While I’m busy visa-ing, here are a few things I’ve been wanting to share with you.

– Feeding my obsession with dark walls.
– I want to make fancy cupcakes.
– Clearly, it’s not possible to be cooler than the Selby Girls.
– Smart. She used moo cards to make a custom board game. That gets my wheels spinning…
– Wow. These wedding invitations.
– Sweet Mr. and Mrs. mugs.
– Inspired photo wall.
– Remember my toddler bed project? Here’s a trundle version.
– Could you skip jeans for two weeks?
– Let’s all make our kid’s day.

I write for Babble’s Family Style blog. Here are this week’s posts:
– On the hunt for the very best detergent.
– Their pretty packaging makes them seem like seed packets — but they’re not!
– I’ve never seen a family tree quite like this.
– Every January I’m tempted to buy one of these.

Have a fabulous weekend! I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.


P.S. — One more gratuitous June shot. Those chubby fists!