Hello, Friends. How are you? Happy International Women’s Day! How has your week been? Ben Blair’s birthday was yesterday, so we all went out for pizza and a movie last night to celebrate. We saw Captain Marvel and really loved it to pieces. I had zero previous knowledge of her character, so it was fun to learn the back story and find out what her powers are.

We actually had two birthday’s at our house this week — Maude turned twenty!!! Alas, she also had mid-terms this week and didn’t feel like she could celebrate. Maybe she’ll let us make her breakfast in bed this weekend. : )

Ready to dive into some weekend reading? Here are a few things I’ve wanted to share:

The children sex tourists leave behind.

Meet the Wrestling Cholitas of Bolivia.

– In Nepal, women and girls are forbidden from even being in their own home during their periods. (NYT)

– For real? I had no idea. Apparently our beloved yoga pants (and other stretchy clothes) are hurting us. Microfibers from synthetic clothing can make their way into seafood and drinking water every time the garments are washed.

What if U.S. healthcare costs were transparent? The very same blood test can cost $19 at one clinic and $522 at another clinic just blocks away.

– From toilet cleaning to garbage collection, someone has do the dirty, hazardous work. Why not robots?

– Fun fact: Apollo spacesuits were manufactured by Playtex. The bra manufacturer’s prototypes out-performed engineering-heavy competitors for flexibility and range of motion.

– As of January 2017, there were 553,742 homeless people in the United States. Also in January 2017, there were 17,398,000 empty homes in the United States.

– Hopeful. H.I.V. has been cured in a second patient.

– The vote on Brexit is strangely dependent on the American poultry business.

– What beauty/grooming task have you never tried?

– Where are the women, Wikipedia!? Only 18% of Wikipedia’s biographical articles are about women. Surely more women than that have made an historical contribution to the world. (WP)

– Am I the last person to learn about these smart plugs? They allow you to add voice control to any outlet.

Ten months in a class for men who hit women. (NYT)

Jan Voorman is artist who uses LEGO to repair structures all over the world.


Image credit: Jan Vormann / VG Bild