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Hello, Friends. How are you? How was your week? I arrived home from Australia on Monday, which seems like a long time ago, but I feel like I’m still not quite sorted on my jet lag. Though it’s getting better! I’m sure I’ll be all caught-up sleep-wise this weekend. 

To commemorate Veteran’s Day, my kids have no school on Monday. You too? Our French friends are here until Tuesday. They’ve seen almost everything they want to see, but still have Yosemite on their list, so we thought a weekend road trip to the national park would be perfect. Yosemite in every season is delightful, but Yosemite in the fall might be my favorite. Our kids have Scrooge rehearsal on Saturday morning  — we’re only two weeks away from opening night! So our crew will head out Saturday afternoon and come back on Monday.

I’m going to stay behind and put in some intensive work hours. Don’t feel sorry for me — I’m glad for the chance to catch up! Big trips (like Australia) generally put me far behind on my work, so I’m happy about the opportunity for distraction-free at my desk.

How about you? Any plans for the long-weekend? Any traditions for marking Veteran’s Day?

Here are a few things I’ve wanted to share with you:

– An honest account from an adult with rich parents, talking about the tax-free money she receives. More rich people should talk about this stuff.

– “The group that decides who matters in art was considerably smaller and more powerful than we expected.”

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has had to move four times due to harassment and has not been able to return to her job at Palo Alto University. Add this to the mile high stack of reasons why-women-don’t-report.

– Fabulous 1970s stock photo model shots.

The American civil war didn’t end. And Trump is a Confederate president.

– If pap smears are a part of your life, I think you’ll appreciate this essay on what it’s like to find out there are abnormal cells in your cervix.

– DIY project — stamped clay place cards.

– Ever wanted to try a weighted blanket? Target just introduced the most affordable option I’ve seen. The Tranquility Weighted Blanket is available in two different weights — 12 lbs and 18 lbs.

– #MeToo founder Tarana Burke reflects on the movement — and the reckoning. (WP)

– The Kilogram is about to be redefined. This thread explains why and made me grin with pride at our human accomplishments.

– This is the first I’m reading about it, but apparently the U.S. and China are playing a game of chicken in the South China Sea. I find this horrifying. (NYT)

– Foxconn promised to create 13,000 permanent Wisconsin jobs. But the company changed the type of factory it will build, downsizing to an automated plant that will only require 3,000 employees. Taxpayers will pay between $220,000 and +$1,000,000 per job.

– Is deleting your Facebook account an act of patriotism?

-The Shop About Love has a pretty epic promotion going on — buy a gift, get a gift. Today’s gift? Buy a Color Therapy pillow, and get a Gratitude Basket (worth $45) for free. There are new offers every day!

– From the NYT Modern Love column: On my wedding day, my eyes were too swollen for me to walk down the aisle. It wasn’t from crying.

I hope you have the best weekend, and get to do something special for Veteran’s Day. I’ll meet you back here next week. I miss you already.