Hello, Friends. How are you? Did you have a good week? My kids are out of school today — I can’t remember why; maybe a teacher planning day? Whatever the reason, it was lovely to skip the early morning rush and let them sleep in. We started the day by figuring out what we need for Halloween costumes, which felt both fun and productive. Then, the three youngest made pancakes and bacon for our visiting friends from France. Eugenie and Capucine are here for a few weeks — their first time to America! It’s such a treat to have them here, and they brought us a suitcase full of French goodies (pictured above). : )

This afternoon, we’re planning to visit the Golden Gate Bridge, and maybe spend the afternoon in Sausalito. Before we go, here are a few things I’ve wanted to share:

– Alt Summit ticket prices go up on November 1st. Grab your ticket here.

– How Russia may have already hacked the midterm elections.

Why do some men hurt women? Because they like to.

– Happiest most wholesome thing I saw all week. A discussion about favorite combos on the multiplication table. Do you have a favorite?

Nationalism isn’t patriotism.

– The most important science policy issue in each state.

– Is there a sport you wouldn’t let your child play?

– The realities of voter registration and civic engagement across Arizona’s Indian Country.

– How Facebook’s chaotic push into video cost hundreds of journalists their jobs.

– I bought these pjs for June. 100% cotton, cute unisex patterns, only $12. She wore them last night and gave them a comfy thumbs up.

– During the 2016 election cycle, 920 women reached out to Emily’s List for more info on running for office. In this 2018 cycle, 42,000(!!!!) women have done so!

Eight stories of men’s regret. The NYT asked: Have you ever behaved toward girls or women in ways you now regret? They received over 750 responses. I wish they would publish them all (even anonymously). I think it’s important for the current conversations we’re having.

– Tips for organizing your phone apps.

A fun Halloween punch idea.

I hope you have an excellent weekend. I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.