Hello, Friends. How was your week? Can you believe tomorrow is the first day of fall? Is it starting to feel like it where you live? My week was really good. The unexpected disruption from my Twitter thread has died down significantly and is a much more manageable place.

A few highlights for those who are curious. I was interviewed on CNN Headline News, and on a radio show out of Montreal. I’m working on an article for Medium and another one for CNN.com. I’m headed to Australia to present my thread at a Feminist Writer’s Conference on November 1st. I’ve had lovely messages and tweets and reposts from Alyssa Milano, Franchesca Ramsey, Sophia Bush, Andy Lassner (from Ellen), George Takei, Jodi Picoult, Stacy London, Jo Jo Moyes and lots of other celebrities and writers.

The thread has been covered on all sorts of online news sites big and small — including Upworthy and HuffPost. In fact, a Google search turns up pages and pages of results referencing the thread.

It’s definitely been an interesting experience.

Beyond that, we’re hoping to have a low key weekend, with lots of downtime. How about you? Anything you’re looking forward to?

Also, here are a few things I’ve been wanting to share:

– Please read this. Share it with everyone. When Do Girls Matter? When a woman says, “This man raped me a long time ago,” we say, “But that was in the past. He can’t change the past.” When a girl says, “This boy raped me last night,” we say, “But his future! We can’t wreck his future.”

– Related, Alexandra Petri’s latest column in the Washington Post is part poetry, part punch in the gut.

Voting on Alt Summit Presentation Pitches is open to the public through Monday. Have you voted yet?

Pluto is most definitely a planet.

Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong. It’s so good.

Let teenagers sleep in — research says later school start times would lead to an average increase in lifetime earnings of $17,500. (NYT)

– Ten years ago, this week, the entire U.S. economy nearly died.

– Anne Hathaway’s beautiful speech on privilege in American society.

– Men speak 92% of the time on company conference calls.

– Our elementary school has a no-homework policy. Does yours? Do you wish it did?

– Hillary Clinton on the constitutional crisis building in our democracy.

– Some members of our household seem to have a hard time keeping track of earbuds. Maybe this would help?

China is piloting a “social credits” program. For some the credits will bring privileges — for others, punishment.

– How Brené Brown became the secret weapon for Oprah, Pixar, IBM, and Melinda Gates.

I hope you have a happy weekend. I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.



Photo credit: Wendy of Blue Lily Photography.