A Few Things:

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Hello, Friends! No need to check your calendars. It’s not Friday yet. I’m posting this week’s link list early, because I’m headed out on a Pioneer Trek this morning, and I’ll be offline till Saturday. I’m going to cross my fingers that nothing too dramatic/rude happens while I don’t have internet and can’t moderate comments. : )

Here are a few things I’ve been wanting to share with you:

A Few Things:

– Inspiring account of the activists leading the effort to reunite separated children with their parents by the court-ordered deadline.

– Astronomers just discovered 12 more moons of Jupiter. (WP)

– A thread from Ezra Klein I keep thinking about — “Imagine it’s 2012 and someone described to you everything we would know in 2018. Would this sound like a hazy, unclear state of affairs? Or would it sound like we actually knew more than enough — indeed, a terrifying amount?”

– Related: Jonathan Chait’s story which pulls together all the existing evidence that the Russians have owned Trump for many years, and that he is their asset and America’s enemy.

Tickets for Color Factory New York are now available! They started from scratch and created a whole new exhibit in 20,000 square feet in Soho. I can’t wait to see it. (And the website is really cool.)

– The Extraordinary Life of Martha Gellhorn, the Woman Ernest Hemingway Tried to Erase.

– I continue to be very interested in the idea of a Universal Basic Income. (NYT)

– Your knowledge of a person may influence how you act toward others who who simply look like them.

– Have you ever cooked with a Dutch Oven?

– Roxane Gay explores her physical transformation and reckons with her new body’s unexpected power.

– We needed a bigger stock pot, and I ordered this heavy duty aluminum one. It feels industrial and tested and exactly right. (You have to buy the lid separately.)

– It’s time to change how we engage with Jordan Peterson.

A $3500 Tiny House, explained.

Thanks for letting me share a few things with you. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.