Hello, Friends. Happy Friday! How was your week? Anything happy you’re looking forward to? Our plans this weekend include a belated family birthday celebration for June (she has requested apple pie instead of birthday cake), a band concert for Betty, Olive is going to a Taylor Swift concert, the four youngest are auditioning for a play, I’ve got my monthly haircut scheduled, we’ll be moving Maude home from the dorms, and we get to videochat with Ralph. Oh. And Mother’s Day is on Sunday! Which includes Betty speaking at church as part of the Mother’s Day program.

Speaking of Maude moving home, the end of the college year snuck up on us and we haven’t helped her put together a full summer plan yet. She’s made arrangements to volunteer a few hours each week at a Berkeley book shop near campus (a shop with earnings that go to the local Berkeley public library system). And she knows she wants to work 30 or 40 hours a week at a summer job. So now, we’re exploring job options.

It has me thinking about: What is an ideal summer experience for a college student? And it has me remembering my own college summers. Some were definitely better than others.

In Maude’s case, I know she’s really great with kids, and if a last-minute nanny/au pair position came up for the summer — anywhere in the country/world — that seems like it would be a great fit. I’ve also been thinking a retail job or food service job would be a good experience. Those kinds of jobs were great for me as I generally learned what it meant to be “in the workforce.” Once she chooses a major, a related internship seems like it would be smart, but we’re not quite there yet.

I think my own favorite summer break was after my freshman year. I moved in with my sister Sara and her husband Steve who had been married for a few years and were living in Irvine, California. Sara worked at a Franklin Planner store across from South Coast Plaza and she got me a job there. It was really wonderful to work with Sara, and I loved using her convertible VW Rabbit to run around Southern California on my days off, constantly playing Cat Stevens cassette tapes. : ) I would hit the beach, or do something touristy like visit Rodeo Drive. I read a ton. I sat by the pool. Sometimes I would go to concerts — the main one I remember was seeing Radiohead opening for PJ Harvey at the Forum.

What about you? What kind of summer experiences did you have during college? Did you take classes? Get a job? Move home? And if you did work, what was the best summer job you ever had? If you were planning a summer for your own college-student-kids, what would you plan? I’d love to hear.

In addition to being curious about your summers, here are a few things I’ve been wanting to share with you:

– Did you get a chance to read this column? “I don’t know exactly where to draw the line between ideas that deserve a serious response, and those that should be only mocked and scorned.” Would love your thoughts. (NYT)

– Watching and re-watching This is America. Holy cow. Amazing. It came out when I was in Hawaii and I’m still catching up on the commentary around it.

– Delaware is the first U.S. state to ban child marriage without exception. One down, 49 more to go.

– Thinking of this conversation I had with my Mom. Can parenting-without-regrets be done?

Speaking truth to power on Anna Wintour.

– The Mormon church cut ties with the Boy Scouts after 105 years.

Spotify removed R. Kelly Music from its playlists.

– Our new favorite board game is Pandemic. It’s a cooperative game, so either everyone wins together or everyone loses together. Have you played it?

– A black Yale student took a nap in a dorm common room. A white classmate called the cops on her.

– This gun loophole (that Congress isn’t talking about) put 4,170 guns in the wrong hands in 2016.

– Reflections for every mother ahead of Mother’s Day: “If your child’s life were at stake, is there any law you wouldn’t break, any border you wouldn’t cross, to keep your child safe?”

– A massive, and delightful, archive of French typography.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.


P.S. — I know there are lots of people (including myself) with either mixed feelings or negative feelings about Mother’s Day. It can be rough. Sending you all love. I think you’re amazing!