Hello, Friends. How are you? How was your week? We have a big weekend ahead. Olive, our high school sophomore, is in a school production of Annie. Our nephew is in a production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. There is a women’s conference at church that is going to be really good. And the biggest thing on our calendar: March For Our Lives!

Olive is one of 4 youth organizers of the march/rally in Oakland. Yesterday she had to speak at a press conference about the event. And tomorrow, she’ll be one of 3 teens speaking at the actual event. As you can imagine, we’re super proud of her and are supporting the march any way we can.

I know there are marches happening all around the country, and they are expecting millions to turn out in Washington D.C.. Will you be marching in a local event? Do you need a poster? My friend, the illustrator Samantha Hahn, sent me a link to 23 free printable posters she designed. I’m featuring two here, and there are tons of additional great options.

I’ve also collected a few things I want to share with you:

– World’s largest collection of ocean garbage is twice the size of Texas.

– Frederick Douglass on how slave owners used food as a weapon of control.

– Hah! Internet work-spaces are a psychopathic pit of lies.

– A nonprofit group in Peru, called Laboratoria, is teaching working class young women to code. Very cool! Donate if you feel impressed to support the cause. 

– This pharma billionaire was arrested for bribing doctors to prescribe opioid painkillers.

– I’ve figured out that I like variations on New Balance style number KL574V1 for kids sneakers. I’m especially digging the collegiate version with stripey laces — I ordered a pair in red for Oscar, and will probably order the blue/green version for Betty.

– Do you still feel the same way about selfies as you did five years ago?

– A wonderfully immersive feature on the Eames — called the principle American designers of the 20th century.

– More than 187,000 students have been exposed to gun violence at school since Columbine. Many are never the same. (WP)

– Have you ever heard of the idea of “untouchable” days where you can work uninterrupted?

– An argument that there are too many flavors in the snack food aisle.

When hugs hurt.

– Designer Paw Poulsen turns celebrities such as Bill Gates and Elton John into typefaces.

I hope you have an amazing weekend. High fives to my fellow marchers! I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.