Hello, Friends. How are you? What a crazy week it’s been! We started the week with guests here to see Scrooge (which wrapped last Saturday night). Then I spent a few days in Palm Springs on a site visit for Altitude Summit. And then I arrived home to a jam-packed family schedule of December stuff.

Work travel is always tricky for me. I’m super productive while I’m away, but still come home woefully behind on work. It’s the constant struggle for my time between the two businesses I run, and I would love to get a better handle on it. I’m thinking that could be a focus for 2018 — possibly hiring a CEO to run one of the companies, or even selling one of them. Although both of those feel like incredibly intimidating options — I’ve never done either and don’t really know where to start. Hah!

How about you? How is your December coming along? Have you been able to take a minute to enjoy the holidays? Or is it just rush, rush, rushing along?

I’m off to tackle my inbox, but before I go, here are a few things I’ve wanted to share:

– The dramatic imbalance in pay and power has created the conditions for abuse in the tech industry.

The best sports commentary of all time.

– What’s really behind fashion’s — and women’s — love of clothes that keep us fully covered? (NYT)

– These dancers look like they’re floating.

The great college loan swindle.

– I need new sneakers and I think this is the pair. In red, though I’m digging the yellow too.

– By my friend Samantha Ettus in the Washington Post. What it’s like to win the lottery as a woman.

– Is the breakup of the big 4 of tech (Google, Apple, Facebook & Amazon) inevitable?

– – The world’s cities lit by nothing but stars.

Fear of the female voice.

If weed becomes legal where you live, will your thoughts on it change?

– Hah! Santa brand guidelines.

Why Roy Moore will win.

I hope you have the best weekend ever. I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.


P.S. — House garland DIY.