Hi Friends. How are you? How was your Thanksgiving? Here’s a little report from our house:

It’s Friday night, pretty late, as I type this. I just finished the last piece of pie (it was razzleberry). So I think that means Thanksgiving is officially over. : )

Thanksgiving was really lovely. One of our best. I got to eat all my favorite Thanksgiving foods. We prepped 400 meals for people in our community. We walked around Lake Merritt and it was gorgeous. The youngest three helped me scavenge for a basket full of leaves and branches and flowers and berries from around our yard — then we turned them into a beautiful centerpiece for the table. And there was zero stress. I loved every minute of it. I don’t know how many more times I’ll get to have (most of) my kids with me for this holiday. They keep growing up and moving away! So I’m trying hard to appreciate the times we get to be together.

Also, we made the trip to Yosemite last weekend! (See the picture at top.) And I’m so glad we did. We hiked and explored and learned a few new things, and took a million pictures. I’m such a National Park fangirl. Thank you to those of you who encouraged me to go. It was just what I needed.

Right now, our three youngest are at the final Scrooge dress rehearsal. Maude did their hair and Olive did their stage makeup in preparation (gosh it’s amazing to have older kids!). Opening day is tomorrow. There will be a matinee and an evening performance. If you happen to be attending, come say hello (and watch for Oscar’s big Tiny Tim solo near the beginning of the second act).

We’re not big Black Friday people. Meaning, we typically don’t shop today, and instead opt for hanging out at home and eating leftovers. We sort of thought we’d get out holiday decor today, but I ended up having a deadline this morning, and then it’s been Scrooge for the rest of the day. So I think we’ll wait until Sunday. But we did listen to Christmas music! How about you? Have you already decorated?

I’ve got some really good gift guides coming, and I’m super excited to share them with you. In the meantime, I’ve added tons of gorgeous holiday picks to the shop. And since it’s still Friday, I also have a few things I’ve wanted to share with you:

– This study says that a feeling of physical safety (or lack thereof) is the key determinant of political views. Do you agree?

– Wow! A new paint that creates endless energy from water vapor.

– A NYT op-ed from Jay-Z — “About half of the people in city jails in Philadelphia are there for probation or parole violations. We could literally shut down jails if we treated people on parole or probation more fairly.”

– The Biodiversity Heritage Library’s open-source archive contains 2 million amazing (free) images.

– This one is long and excellent. I keep thinking about it. It’s about the American tendency to disavow racism, while being very racist. Would love your thoughts.

– This kickstarter transforms your kitchen scraps into clean energy you can use for cooking.

– Why ‘mostly straight’ men are a distinct sexual identity.

– A long conversation with Anita Hill and some of the women in congress who defended her.

– Children of doctors have a much higher chance of becoming doctors. How dynastic is your job? (NYT)

– What are your feelings on taxidermy?

– The sugar industry withheld possible evidence of cancer link 50 years ago.

– “In the workplace women expect to lose our jobs for offenses infinitely more minor than revealing our genitalia to colleagues. Women don’t get the luxury of messing up.”

Bergdorf Goodman’s holiday windows are always the absolute best. If you ever get to see them in person, do it.

I hope you have a happy weekend. I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.